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So, I am now creating a new blog. I figured out how to work Tumblr better and I know what I want to have on my new one. Anyone who follows me, and I have not followed back, will be followed back by the new blog. Everyone I have already been following I will continue to follow on the new blog. <3 ! 

So once I follow you again will you follow my new one instead? Ill add a link in a little bit. 

cinnaminktoast-deactivated20140 asked:

Write 10 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your lovely followers ^^

1. I have a tic disorder.

2. I like the color Red.

3. I hate airplanes but love to travel.

4. My favorite movie is the lorax.

5. Im allergic to the sun.

6. I like to take pictures.

7. I didn’t know how to answer messages so its taken me this long.
8. I am an artist.

9. Im moving soon.

10. Im thinking of starting a new blog. 

a-trex asked:

hi there! how are you? what is something most people don't know about you? if you could go anywhere where would it be? if you were granted three wishes what would you wish for? :D

Im pretty good, Didn’t realize I had questions on here! Sorry! :) 
Most people know everything about me, I’m a very open person. If I could go anywhere Id go to NYC. Wish one: To live in NYC. Wish two: Be successful in everything I do. Wish three: For both my families to have happiness and help that they will ever need.


when I was little, I went through a phase where I’d wear my Spiderman costume under all my clothes, so I wore it for about 3 years straight and my mom never found out until one day when we were at a family party, I was wearing the costume under a really fancy and expensive dress, and someone started choking on something so I ripped off the dress to reveal the costume to try and save them, and I think my mom just about had a heart attack

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